Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight has matured into an efficient method of transport, offering a variety of options for specific shipping needs. ICNT Logistics Inc. has built relationships with all major International Ocean Carriers to afford our customers with all multi mode ocean options available. Whether you're shipping Less than Container Load (LCL) to Full Container Load (FCL), we offer options with varied departures and arrivals to fit your needs, including specialty vessel options.

Ocean vessel and container options

  • LCL skidded, crated or palletized cargo
  • Standard 20 foot containers
  • Standard 40 foot containers
  • Standard 40 foot high cube containers
  • Refrigerated 20 and 40 foot containers
  • 40 Foot flat rack
  • 45 foot standard containers
  • Container vessel
  • Break bulk vessel
  • Tanker vessel
  • Self gear crane equipped vessel
  • Roll on roll off vessel
  • Ice class vessels
  • Tug and barge

Typical ocean freight customers and situations

  • Manufacturing - Garments, Textiles , Machinery, Consumer Products
  • Perishable products, Refrigerated Container needs
  • Large Oversized , Overweight Cargo
  • Large Volume , Multiple consignments at one time
  • Vehicles, Heavy machinery, Drilling Equipment, Construction material
  • Lumber, Pulp, Grain
  • Power Technology, Windmill, Generators, Turbines, Solar