Import and Long-Term Storage Solutions

There are many reasons companies may need warehousing and storage services. From brief import housing to long-term storage for finished products, choosing to use a warehousing service can be an economical and convenient solution for any business. At ICNT Logistics Inc., we work hard to provide our clients with the best warehousing and product management services in Canada.

Our Facilities

We have two warehousing locations in Canada; our Montreal warehouse and our facility in Toronto. Both sites are state-of-the-art facilities with innovative solutions for a variety of storage needs. We provide a secure, reliable option for both import and long-term storage in world-class food grade facilities that meet all C-TPAT and HACCP standards. Both of our locations are bonded Canadian Customs' approved warehouses, ideal for import storage as well as domestic.

Our Services

ICNT Logistics Inc. warehousing services are designed to offer flexible options to meet a range of storage and distribution needs. Whether you need short-term import storage with air freight container deconsolidation or a comprehensive inventory management solution with convenient pick-and-pack distribution, we can offer a warehousing solution that meets your specific requirements. We provide a comprehensive selection of transportation, distribution and storage services.

Our Technology

To provide the absolute best import and long-term storage warehousing in Canada, Trans-Plus is committed to investing in the latest industry tools and technology. We use traditional high level racking storage with Integrated Bar Code scanning to effectively manage your inventory through our innovative Warehouse Management System. Our radio frequency (RF) based computer systems can be accessed from any facility through our proprietary software platform.

Secure, dependable warehousing Canada based solutions can provide a wealth of benefits to your company. Our import and long-term storage services are designed to provide you with a cost-effective alternative to other warehousing options. From short-term housing to comprehensive storage and distribution, ICNT Logistics Inc. has the answer.